Our gay sauna in Budapest welcomes gay and bisexual men who are looking for a safe, discreet and hygienic palce to meet, date or just relax.

Not only can you relax ..... but play to your heart's content.

Let the stress out in our finnish sauna, loose yourself in the steam room, cruise the labyrinth or enjoy the strong hands of our masseur. Or, simply relax in our lounge with a hot coffee or a cold drink or work on your muscles in our gym. Meet the locals and the visitors. Stay for a minute or a day. The choice is up to you.

Magnum Sauna has been welcoming gay and bisexual men in Budapest since 2001. It offers Budapest's largest steam room and one of the largest cruising area in the city.

We look forward to your visit and hope you enjoy your stay in Budapest.

The Magnum Team


Open Hours
13:00 - 04:00

Tonight at 10pm: Dark and Naked

Dark and Naked - special edition


Every 3rd Friday in a Month at 10pm


Around the Gay World

It's always sad when people pass away, like Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall recently. Somehow, it makes us face our own mortality and aging.

It's also sad when a gay sauna one might have visited once or regularly, closes down.


This is what happened at the beginning of the year for the Hollywood Spa in Los Angeles.

You can read the full report here:


Gay saunas in America were especially hard hit when the Aids epidemic hit as they were seen as a hot bed of sexual promiscuity. Owners argued that they were actually a vector for spreading information, but of course, both sides have good arguments. I'll discuss this in another feed.


Well, we are once again in the news. Fortunately, with a fairly positive review. This time it is the hungarian site 'Pink Puli' which came incognito and gave us the once over.

As they did not ask us anything, we wrote them a few clarifications regarding why our little piece of heaven was choke full of furry, overweight creatures and the videos were showing chubbies having the time of their lives (it was our monthly bear night).

As for what is a puli. It's one of Hungary's very own dog breed, which looks like a rasta wig on four legs. And no, they are not pink, but black.

You can read the pink puli review here in hungarian.


I’ve just ended a four year relationship and at the tender age of 47, I’m sort of back on the dating scene, or am I?

When I started the sauna, I kept thinking, isn’t it funny that not more people come to such a place. Technically speaking, hooking up with men in Budapest or in other big cities, does not get much simpler then going down to your local bathhouse, and get together with someone.

Why then, are gay sex clubs not more prevalent?

- Not everybody likes it. Even though the benefits are obvious, some guys simply don’t like the environment that such a business provides. It’s very much ’in your face’. You are not here to ’date’, you are here to ’get laid’. This is probably the reason that saunas do tend to attract guys of a certain age. When one is young, one still has a lot of illusion that eventually disapear.
- Some guys are worried about diseases, and think that they will catch something. As I wrote in my previous entry, I had such an encounter, but still think, the security that you think you might have by hooking up online only, is an illusion. One bad choice of no condom with a guy carrying a virus, and it does not matter.
- Some guys are curious, but are too shy or scarred to push the door of a sauna club in Budapest. It does take a certain courage to enter such a premise. It can also be seen as a public statement. As you enter a gay business, you are saying to someone: ’yes, I am in a gay business, doing gay stuff’.
- Some guys are worried about being seen in such a place. They worry about being seen entering from the street, meeting someone from work. These are minimal risks, but they can happen. It’s a little sad that they will miss out on relaxation and fun that they yearn for, but, it is their choice. And as homosexual people, we all have experience with telling, not telling.
- Finally, some people simply don’t have a very good idea of what a gay sauna is like. They don’t really see it for what it is, a simple way to get your rocks off, spend some time away from the stress of daily life, among people that share your plight.