If you are looking for a great way to ring in the New Year, ring it in with us. New Year’s Eve in our sauna is always a fun, friendly, sexy event. Champagne as much as you want, a great show and lots of sexy hungarian and international guys.

What we offer you:

- Entrance to the Magnum with a ticket good for 10 hours

- All you can drink champagne or fruit juice

- Finger food (sandwiches and pogácsa)

- New Year’s Eve Cake

- Jan 1st Frankfurter

- A great drag show to ring in the New Year


Ticket info

Tickets are 6,000 ft untl December 30th 2017 and 7,000 ft on December 31st, 2017.

You can purchase them at our desk or online at:

Last year we sold out by Christmas, so if you plan to spend NYE with us, get your ticket early.

Your Magnum Team

fist en

October 14, 2017 – Saturday night from 10 pm until Sunday noon
If you’ve been wishing for a real fist party in Budapest, wish no more. Join us October 14 at 10 pm until Sunday noon to explore your limits in our club.
Magnum Sauna
Cspepreghy street 2, 1085 Budapest

Magnum Sauna offers you the following:
• Three slings
• One Gyno stool
• Several open spaces
• Several lockeable cabins
• Washroom with intim washing facility
• Showers
• Open non stop until Sunday Midnight
• Gloves for purchase
• J-lube powder for purchase
• Paper towels
What you bring:
• Your lube and your accessories
• Your favourite gear (all fetish gears allowed)
Entrance fee:
• There is no extra fee for this special event. The usual Saturday prices will be applied.
• Your entrance is valid until Sunday noon. If you stay longer, a new entrance fee will be charged.

We look forward to your vist.

The Magnum Team

poppers en

We have a large selection of 10 ml Poppers.
Completely legal in Hungary.
You can just buy poppers in our sauna without being a guest.

Mondays to Thursday: 13:00 - 24:00
Friday: 13:00 - 04:00
Saturday: 13:00 - 24:00
Sunday: 0:00 - 24:00

february slider 

In this month we have two parties: Valentine Night party with UV bands and our first sport fetish party. Let's see the dates!

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