• Weekend
  • Pics in the gay sauna
  • Dark and Naked @ Magnum Sauna
  • Non Stop Weekend @ Magnum Sauna
  • Massage services @ Magnum Sauna
  • Magnum Wellness Thursday @ Magnum Sauna
  • HIV/STD test at Magnum

Every Friday at 10pm and on this Sunday at 5pm.

We have been organizing our Dark and Naked parties since 2013.

Since then, our Dark these events have become very popular, attracting a mixed crowd of guys who like to have fun and know what they want, and often resulting in a full house.

If you like naked parties, these two events are for you.

Nudity is mandatory in the naked area. Guests not wanting to drop off their towel still have access to half of the areas in our sauna.

Our naked parties take place on Friday at 10 pm and Sunday at 5 pm. The busiest time of the parties is always in the first two hours. So if you plan to attend, try to arrive at or before the start of the party.