Every Friday at 10 pm and Sunday at 5 pm

What started as a small weekly event many years ago in one part of our sauna, has grown into a twice weekly event that takes over all our sauna and is often waiting line only.

Our Dark and Naked party is probably Budapest’s busiest and crusiest men only party.

The event starts punctually on Friday at 10 pm and lasts until about 1 am. Our Sunday Dark and Naked party starts at 5 pm and lasts until about 8 pm.

For your convenience, we have a dedicated towel station with an assistant that will guard your towel while you explore the naked area.

Condoms and lubricants are provided free of charge. Small towels are provided free of charge on the sauna floor.

For those wanting to join the party but not wanting to be naked, we allow the wear of underwear, fetish gear, etc....

Both parties, but especially the Friday night event, fills out by the start time. Once all our lockers are full, we have a strict one out, one in guest policy. If you do not want to wait in line outside, we suggest you arrive at least an our before the start of the party.