Join us for our monthly fist night.

In general every third Saturday night of the month from 11 pm until Sunday noon.

If you’ve been wishing for a real fist party in Budapest, wish no more. Once a month our club is geared for you. Find our exact dates below.

Magnum Sauna offers you the following:
• Three slings
• One Gyno stool
• Several open spaces
• Several lockeable cabins
• Washroom with intim washing facility
• Showers
• Open non stop until Sunday Midnight
• Gloves for purchase
• J-lube powder for purchase
• Paper towels
What you bring:
• Your lube and your accessories
• Your favourite gear (all fetish gears allowed)
Entrance fee:
• There is no extra fee for this special event. The usual Saturday prices will be applied.
• Your entrance is valid until Sunday noon. If you stay longer, a new entrance fee will be charged.

We look forward to your vist.

The Magnum Team

Fist Night BP agenda


Jan 20, Saturday @ 23:00
Feb 17, Saturday@ 23:00
Mar 24, Saturday@ 23:00
Apr 21, Saturday@ 23:00
Maj 19, Saturday@ 23:00
Juni 23, Saturday@ 23:00
Juli 21, Saturday@ 23:00
Aug 18, Saturday@ 23:00
Sept 22, Saturday@ 23:00
Oct 20, Saturday@ 23:00
Nov 17, Saturday@ 23:00
Dec 15, Saturday@ 23:00


You can find everything that you need for our party at Black Dream.